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Today I will tell you about the famous motivational speaker of Pakistan. There are many good speakers in Pakistan but some motivational speakers today I will tell you about some of the people who have influenced me a lot. These are the people who have succeeded in life by listening to them.

Qasim Ali shah

Qasim Ali shah motivational speaker

He was born on December 25, 1980, in Gujarat. He’s a great man. There is a power in his voice. He started this work From the academy. Gradually he worked hard. He is currently the best speaker in Pakistan. He has set up a foundation of his own called the Qasim Ali Shah Foundation. There are many boys and girls studying in it. He has many admirers all over the world. He has also written many books in which his search, encyclopedia, success message, Seven Habits, Towards victory Etc. are included

Some famous books of Qasim Ali Shah

(1) Kamiyabi Ka Paigham / How to become successful.

(2) Bari Manzil Ka Musafir / Success.

(3) Apni Talash / Self Discovery.

books of Qasim Ali shah

Shaykh Atif Ahmad

Shaykh Atif Ahmad motivational speaker

Sheikh Atif is a famous motivational speaker of Pakistan. People in Pakistan like him. He is a very good motivational speaker trainer. Many people follow Sheikh Atif Ahmed because they give very good advice. He has worked hard to reform the people. They do a great job of reforming people and affecting people a lot. He has written many books for the betterment of the people.

Qaiser Abbas

Qasir Abbas motivational speaker

Qaiser Abbas is a very capable and famous motivational speaker of Pakistan. He has written many books for the generation of Pakistan but also for all the youth which are useful for their future. He has a good speaking style which is why people like him very much.

Some famous books of Qaiser Abbas

(1) Shabash Tum Kar Sakty Ho / Who’s Struggle In Life.

(2) Tick Tick Dollar / 14 Principles For Peak Performance.

(3) Sir Utha Kay Jiyo / Self Believe, Success.

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